A Perfect Hail Mary

by Fr. Dismas Sayre, O.P. Rosary Center Director and Promoter of the Rosary Confraternity.

A Perfect Hail Mary

I was praying my Rosary in Spanish today for our recording online (you can see our videos in English and Spanish on our Youtube channel).  Unfortunately, the room where I sleep isn't always the most conducive to sleep -- it's next to one of the busiest streets here in Portland.  Well, being a bit tired, I took a sudden micro-nap right in the middle of a Hail Mary, but my mouth kept going -- "Santa Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."  I went on about 10 seconds stuck on this "loop."   It was quite amusing.  So what did I do?

Well, since I was recording this for other folks to hear, and not wanting them to think I was having a stroke, I paused, deleted the audio, and re-started from that particular Hail Mary.  Calmly.

A lot of folks who write worry about how good their Rosary is.  It IS good to want to get more out of prayer, but as the saying goes, Don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good.  God knows how you are, and so does Our Blessed Mother.  She can certainly understand my being tired.  Do your best.  Find resources, if you want, to help your Rosary.  But in the end, the idea is to meditate and pray on those wonderful mysteries of the life, death, and Resurrection of Our Lord, accompanied by Our Lady.  We don't get points for how we "deliver our lines," like some actor.   Many of us have busy, messy, lives.  Enter into the Rosary as peacefully and as best you can.  Our Lady will be happily waiting for you if the doorbell rings, or your child cries.  

You will have a perfect Hail Mary only when you get to Heaven and see Our Lady and exclaim with all your being, now unrestrained by human weakness, "Hail Mary!"  Until then, pray on.

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