Enroll in The Rosary Confraternity

Enroll in The Rosary Confraternity

Each member of the Rosary Confraternity strives to pray the complete Rosary each week (3 Rosaries, 15 decades, and this does not bind under sin, complete details here), and must have his/her name inscribed in the register of the Confraternity. There are no meetings, and no dues. To enroll, please fill out the following information. We will e-mail your certificate of membership and a link to the Light & Life newsletter, so please be certain the e-mail address is correct, as well as your mailing address. You may also read more about the obligations, benefits, indulgences and promises for membership in the Rosary Confraternity.

Pope Leo XIII stated in his apostolic constitution on the Confraternity, “whenever a person fulfills his obligation of reciting the Rosary according to the rule of the Confraternity, he includes in his intentions all its members, and they in turn render him the same service many times over” (Ubi Primum, 1).

Ordinarily the enrollment should be filled out by the one to be enrolled. The reason for this is that the enrollment is a personal pledge to pray the entire Rosary each week. One may enroll for another person, only when they are sure the other person understands the conditions for membership and has asked to be enrolled.

To be enrolled, one must be old enough to understand and fulfill the weekly obligation of praying the complete Rosary. The deceased cannot be enrolled in the Confraternity.

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Sometimes, questions arise as to whether non-Catholics can enroll. Here is the response from Rome:

If someone desires to become a part of a Rosary Confraternity and is of a different faith, yet is known to be one who believes and would like to practice the prayer of the Holy Rosary, for my viewing of the ancient and current statutes, I cannot find anything which would prohibit such a good thing as someone desiring to join. Moreover, such openness can be inspired by the Holy Spirit to such a one in bringing his/her life mysteries to be conformed to the Incarnational mysteries of the living Christ, particularly in the context of the prayer in living the mysteries of Jesus Christ. Such a journey can only lead to good. Directed by others in the community and by Saint Dominic, Our Blessed Mother, Nuestra Senora del Rosario, and our all-loving God, such a one can be a blessing to the group and to many others, and possibly fall in love with the Catholic faith.

While I am continuing to research this, I do hereby recommend as Promoter General of the Rosary that such a person who is not a Catholic at present be accepted as a candidate for membership in the Rosary Confraternity. I reference the life of St. Ambrose and a host of others.

Blessings of Christ who called others to follow Him be yours in abundance,

Fraternally, Fr. Chris Eggleton, OP – Convento S. Sabina – March 28, 2019

You should receive confirmation and your certificate in an e-mail within 10 working days. To ensure that you receive your enrollment via email, please check your spam/junk folder and add the address rosary@rosary-center.org to your contact list.

To enroll by mail, please print and mail this information and enrollment form: Confraternity application form (to print).

Please submit the enrollment form only once; it may take a few moments to process.

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