Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Rosary Center is a 501(c)3 charity organization and respects your privacy.


Our policy is simple: we do not sell or share your information with third parties. Ever.


We like sending you and our friends around the world relevant and meaningful information. We also wish to be good stewards of our resources, and respectful of your time and interests. That’s why we don’t want to send you anything you don’t want to receive.

If you’d like to be removed from any of our communications – print or electronic – just let us know and we’ll remove you immediately.

You can email us at or call +1 (503) 236-8393 to make your request. And if you change your mind, just let us know!


We strive for 100% accuracy in all our reports and communications. But, we’re also human, and sometimes things slip by us.

If you ever notice a discrepancy – a number is wrong, a name is misspelled, an address is incorrect – please let us know at or call +1 (503) 236-8393. We’ll thank you!

It’s important to us to accurately recognize the incredible contributions of the thousands of wonderful people who make our mission possible. Letting us know of any discrepancies is truly appreciated.

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